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Scrapbooks of former players

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

The Former Players have been in existence now for around 40 years, and are an important part of the Club. 

Before the pandemic, funds were raised every year by having an annual Sportsman’s Dinner. 

This money was used to help the wives of any former player who had passed away. A generous contribution to the ‘Well Society every month by the Former Players was also given. This has obviously not been possible during the last 2 years. 

In an attempt to fund raise, the idea of making the scrapbooks of past legendary Motherwell players available to the fans seemed a worthwhile thing to do. The families of Pat Quinn, Willie Hunter, Tom Forsyth and Joe Wark were all contacted, and they were more than happy for the players’ personal scrapbooks to be scanned, printed and offered to the supporters. This has been done, resulting in a very special record of these players’ careers. 

It is a lovely memento to own, which can be shared, looked at any time, or possibly given as a present. ‘YouTube’ etc plays a huge part in modern lives, but there is something said for having a book in your possession.

We'll be looking to organise a book event featuring Motherwell stories over the next few months and would like to gauge interest. Please take a minute to fill in this poll for us. Thanks.